Heavenly Father,  we come to you with our eyes fixed on Jesus. To ask and receive from you in Jesus name all that we personally need and all that the Ministry needs. We praise you for all the times you have rescued us before, all the stories of rescue in the Scripture and for all the testimonies of rescue we have heard. You truly are the God who rescues, and we give you all the Glory for these rescues. We bring to you our current circumstances (List them), because we know you are a good Father and want to rescue us now.


We desire to do the work of the ministry, setting captives free, binding up the brokenhearted, and preaching the Good News to the poor. We desire Jesus’ life to be in and through us, to be His representatives on earth, and have His life flow through us for others. Enable us to be light, hope, peace, and strength for those hurting, alone and afraid.


Father we specifically ask for an enormous outpouring of finances, the power to do battle and the work of the ministry for those you send us, and for you to defend us from the enemy’s attack. Jesus we know you sit at the right hand of the Father interceding for us, and we join with you in one heart praying for the works to be manifested that you have predestined us to walk in with you. We give ourselves over you and to this work to see your people made to abound in faith, hope, and love so the world will know we are yours’ and to know your great love.


Holy Spirit and the Heavenly Host we call for your intervention on our behalf in this spiritual battle, helping us fight off the enemy and protecting us from all the schemes of our enemy. Holy Spirit and the Heavenly Host bringing us all that we need, all that Jesus has provided for us and all which the Father has granted to us by His great love. We know the Father’s Heart is for us, that He loves us, and that we are one with Him, so nothing can triumph over us and we have complete victory through Christ. We know that God has all of Heaven and Earth at His disposal for our needs and those of the Ministry and we receive it in Jesus name. So, Holy Spirit and the Heavenly Host bring us all that we need to fulfill all your purposes in Jesus name.